Retail and loyalty

Electronic database creation from hard copies

Electronic database creation from hard copies

An integral part of the loyalty program and many marketing activities is the collection of data about customers and its subsequent consolidation. Data analysis and its management enables companies to build personal communication with customers, that increases their loyalty and commitment.

Spekl is ready to offer a range of services involving customers’ data input from paper application forms, creation of database and storage of application forms in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

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input of data from questionnaires

  • Data InputData Input

  Complex of service:

сollection of paper application forms from points of sale

Collection of paper application forms from points of sale 

sorting and marking

Sorting and marking

  • Organizing the application forms in strict order, detaching checks from them
  • Tipping marking labels with individual bar code on each application form

scanning and text recognition

Scanning and text recognition

  • Automatic detection of a customer signature
  • Automatic profiles identification of corresponding according to the quality criteria
  • Distribution to the "quality" and "low-quality” application forms
  • Archival storage of questionnaires and indexing in formats approved by the client
  • Scanned data translation in any archival management software
  • Online backup servers
database input and updating

Database input and updating

  • Data input and creation
  • Postcodes and streets checking and updating (in case of address writing in)
  • The names checking and correcting
  • Data checking and correcting by specific directories provided by the client
packaging of application forms for archival storage

Packaging of application forms for archival storage

  • Barcodes printing for organization of documents storage
  • Packaging of  the application forms in boxes  in strict order according to the individual numbers on the forms labels using the Matching System Software Matching system Software
  • Packaging registry formation
  • Automatic recording of all data concerning the storage of documents
storage of application forms

Storage of application forms  

  • Reporting about the archive and its location
  • Documents courier delivery removal
  • Application forms storing in a specially equipped room with limited access and video surveillance
  • Providing defined numbers of original application forms upon request

Technical capabilities:

  • High-speed scanning (up to 300 sheets per min)
  • Production capacity: 24 million questionnaires per year
  • Scanning of hard copies from A7 to A3  formats
  • Order routing
  • Databases creation
  • Application forms storage, automatic fixation of  application form movement in the archive
  • High level of information security
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