Spekl offers a range of card products and services that support the operation of card direction of banks stimulating the growth of sales and clients activity and help to differentiate in the market.

Among our solutions are:

  • Bank cards packaging
  • Bank cards with individual design
  • Scratch card with activation code

We appreciate every client and therefore guarantee:

  • A high level of safety and quality control in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015
  • Professional technical consulting at all stages of the production process
  • Innovative solutions with easy integration into client’s business processes
  • Individual approach and reliability of cooperation

Our special attention is paid to the development of innovative solutions for the banks, the original and cost-effective at the same time. One of the latest developments was the service for production of cards with individual design. Your customers will appreciate the specialty.


Find out more about all the opportunities to increase the customers loyalty and sales:

  • Bank cards packages

    Huge experience in production of packages with cards allows Spekl to offer the packages with prepaid bank cards of different complexity and component...

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  • Bank cards with individual design

    We were the first in Ukraine who launched a project that allows putting the image of a bank’s customer on a bank card. The uniqueness consists ...

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  • Scratch cards with activation code

    The usage of scratch cards containing code in package with a bank card is a new, interactive way to activate the credit card with a high degree of da...

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