Matching system

Matching system

Matching systems (developed by Spekl) is the integration of software (several kinds of software is used) and organizational procedures for controlling and guaranteeing the absence of errors, duplication and inconsistencies during personalization process and in the process of personalized products assembling.

All elements that must be included into the package have to be personalized (barcode, chip, magnetic stripe) for their identification by electronic devices (scanner, reader) and accurate packaging into the package with appropriate ID number.

The compliance control of products ID data (according to paragraph 7.5.3 ISO 9001:2008 standard) is provided by the Matching systems.

We use matching system for fulfillment of: 

  • Start packages
  • Welcome packages
  • Gift packages


Range of services:

  • Matching systems ensures the following during the assembling process:
  • checking the presence of the package elements ID-numbers in the database;
  • checking the duplicate ID-numbers in the database;
  • removing the individual products with help of ID-number, if case of necessity;
  • checking the sequence of package elements (during assembling);
  • monitoring the compliance of the elements to the package;
  • checking the elements quantity of the package;
  • checking the correspondence of products packaging order to the database, marking each box of products with the range of products (their ID-numbers) packed into it. 

The example of ID numbers of the welcome package compliance:

plastic card control

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