DOD personalization

DOD personalization

Spekl uses Drop-On-Demand (DOD) technology for printing graphical variable information to an extensive list of surfaces using UV dye inks, which guarantees durability and clarity of coating.

Technological process:

Stage 1. Surface corona treatment of non-absorbent materials (plastics and films) with corona discharge. As a result of corona discharge the molecular outer layer of the material changes to improve adhesion to the paint.

Step 2. Personalization of the piezoelectric print head using the UV dyeing ink. The principle of operation is based on the ejection of a drop from the camera onto the surface of the card or printed products by means of a piezoelectric element, to which voltage is applied during printing. The voltage applied to the piezoelectric element causes a linear expansion, which, in turn, pushes out a drop of ink from the camera. The small size of the cameras, their large number and tight location make it possible to print information with high resolution printing.

Stage 3. At the LED UV drying stage the polymerization of the printing layer is carried out.

Step 4. Correspondence of the information to the database provided by the customer. When a card with non-conformance is detected, the machine throws it into the reject bunker and automatically starts the production of the rejected card.

DOD personalization

Technology advantages:

  • Variable information resistant to erasure and scratches due to use of ink with UV drying;
  • High resolution of printing;
  • Bleed printing (on entire surface of card);
  • Printing in a contactless chip and antenna location;
  • High personalization speed (up to 10,000 units per hour);
  • Variety of materials: we can personalize products made of PVC, PET, PETG, polycarbonate, paper, cardboard, synthetic paper;
  • Two-sided personalization;
  • Eco-friendly: no emissions and low power consumption thanks to LED technology.
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