The insurance area of activity in Spekl product range is represented by two main products: insurance card and package with insurance card. The company also provides services that make cooperation with us more convenient for our clients.

List of services:

  • Storage of card bodies and printed materials at our warehouse

  • Delivery of finished products to insurance companies offices  in Kyiv and regions of Ukraine

Our clients identify the following advantages in cooperation with our company:

  • Personalization of cards in small quantities (starting from 1 pcs.)

  • Flexibility in selection of decisions for any client's request

  • Effective implementation of client's ideas

  • Technical consulting client's employees involved in the development and manufacture of products

  • Production of high-quality products just in time (products and services quality control according to ISO 9001:2015)

During a long period of time due to the reputation of a professional supplier and consultant we are a partner of such insurance companies as: Alliance Ukraine, Alfa Insurance, European Insurance Alliance, INGO Ukraine, PRO100 Insurance and others.


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  • Insurance cards and welcome packages

    Insurance card  is consistent solution of insurance companies for their clients’ identification in case of insurance event. Insurance p...

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