Recharge voucher and scratch cards

Recharge voucher and scratch cards

Recharge voucher or scratch card is convenient, immediate and secure way to top-up or activate account, mobile number and prepay for the services

Recharge voucher production requires a process that is connected with  the information confidentiality securing. Spekl  modern equipment, business processes and procedures organization allows to control accuracy of matching the information under the scratch panel and the database provided.

Recharge vouchers/ scratch cards are used by:

  • mobile operators
  • ISPs
  • companies providing IP-telephony services
  • cable, satellite and online TV providers
  • payment platforms, companies producing AV software, etc.

We are commited to production of:

  • Standart scratch cards
  • Multisegment scratch cards
  • Scratch cards with/without overprint
  • Scratch  cards with holographic or label-panel

Complex of services:

  • Scratch cards production of any quantity within the agreed terms
  • Products high quality warranty, as well as security and information confidenciality in the production process
  • Scratch cards packaging in transparent polypropylene individual or strip type package with perforation
  • Delivery to the clients’ warehouses and sales points





 85,6 х 54,00 х 0,3 mm




Individual identification numbers in digital form and in barcode, the date of activation, serial code etc.

Additional protection elements

Cardboard with  black graphite layer



Scratch-off panel with black layer

Label panel


Application of the client's logo on the edges of polypropylene package

Lacquering of selected elements on the card


Scratch cards production is carried out with help of modern equipment that:

  • ensures information confidentiality
  • draws down the individual personalization on the card in a closed unit with automatic camera video control recognition
  • draws down overprint (over scratch-panel)
  • performs automatic  cards sourting out after each operation
  • draws down  personalization over the card surface (in  vertical and horizontal directions)
  • uses an optical control

 scratch card production






More information about scratch cards: click here.  

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