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Promotional scratch-off cards

Promotional scratch-off cards

Promotional scratch-off card is a cardboard or plastic card with a scratch coating. It often acts as an element of promotional event and mini lotteries. There is confidential information under the protective non-transparent, weared off scratch coating (the winning word, number or image).

The use of scratch cards in promotions allows our clients to attract new customers, increase the involvement of existing ones and thereby increase revenue.

The use of scratch-off cards in the mechanics of the campaign provides information protection, eliminates fraud, allows consumers to have confidence in the fairness of the campaign.

Promotional scratch-off cards are used by:

  • Food and nonfood retailers
  • Gas station
  • FMCG companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Many other

Complex of services:

  • Production of scratch-off cards of any size in a short time
  • Personalization
  • Scratch cards packaging in transparent polypropylene individual or strip type package with perforation
  • Delivery to the clients’ warehouses and sales points

Types of card personalization 

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