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Cards with individual design

Cards with individual design

Spekl Company offers an innovative solution for creating cards with individual design. The solution includes the online service with help of which the retailer’s customers can place their orders for gift or loyalty cards with any image on their taste on the card face.

Photos of children, places of memory or favorite hobby can easily be transformed into an original card.

Complex of services for creation of cards with individual design includes:

  • Software for the technical operation of the service
  • Web-based widget built into the company’s website that allows to execute an online order of the cards
  • The gallery support and storage of images archive 
  • Moderation of images and control of their compliance with the client’s requirements
  • Cards production and packaging
  • Automatical information of customers about order status
  • Cards delivery to the customers

How it works:

Retailer’s customer:

image for the plastic card


Selecting an image for the card

creating a card design


Creating a card design with help of the online service 

selecting the package for plastic cards


Selecting the package, type of delivery and order payment

Spekl Company:

producing of cards


Moderation and processing of the order

cards issue


Cards issue (production, personalization and packaging)

cards delivery


Cards delivery to the customer


Advanteges for the retailer:

plastic cards is popular

Popularity, viral effect

easy to use

Easy-to-use service

increased brand loyalty

Increased brand loyalty


Complex of services from a reliable partner

increased turnover

Increased turnover of the company

following the latest market trends

Following the latest market trends


Create a card with individual design:

Order service

Order calculation Order backcall Online consultation Order presentation